Monday, 19 October 2009

More Ups than Downs

Living here definitely has it's perks. Not everything is wonderful though I must admit.

We live in a rural village of about 1200 people, about a half hour drive from the nearest town. Further away than some ex-pats like to be from major airports, bus routes and shopping malls but that's what we wanted. Never having lived in a major city I can't really see the attraction. City life isn't for me!

The downside to being so far from town is our internet's truly rubbish! Slower than dial-up, not very dependable and as it's wireless it also needs an electric supply to work. So if the power goes off so does the internet.

Customer service isn't the same here as it was in the UK. Store staff aren't usually being intentionally ignorant, they've just never had any training about how to deal with customers. so when I complained to our internet supplier about the quality of the service I didn't hold out much hope that they'd actually do something about it.

A few days go by and we get a call from customer service - They tell me to pack the system up, take it into town and they'll cancel the contract! Now what I expected but he wasn't going to listen to me telling him that I don't want to cancel I just want the bl**dy thing to work!

So now we're in a conundrum, they've offered to cancel the contract, the service is rubbish, staff don't listen and the phone line that comes as part of the system only works when it feels like it. But what next? Is there a better alternative? Think I'll be spending some time tomorrow having a look into what else is available.

With winter on it's way I don't fancy being stuck without the internet.

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