Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Where'd My Sunshine Go?

Yesterday was a "No garden" day due to the weather we've been having and I'm not impressed that things haven't changed much overnight. The rain has stopped but it's awful windy and temperatures have dropped from 30 degrees C to 8 degrees C this morning, definitely not shorts weather! On the bright side at least the mosquitoes can't fly in the wind so I won't get bitten today.

I've been up early this morning as Molly, our Cocker Spaniel decided that she wanted to go out at 5.30am and she wasn't going to wait. The kids have gone off to school now so I'm chilling out with my second coffee of the day and trying to decide what to do. My small flower garden could do with a good weeding, although there are loads of flower seedlings appearing again. I'm slightly impatient so keep throwing seeds on the garden and then cursing myself when yet another load of marigolds appear, but it's my own fault for having saved all of last years flower seeds in one bag together!

There's more digging to be done, a permanent raised bed structure still isn't finished and once again the house resembles a midden, so housework is on the job list too. I've a bantam hen to boot off her eggs (she's been sitting too long and nothing has hatched), pigs could do with a muck out and the stable yard could do with a sweep while I'm there. Inside the house there are some finishing off and decorating jobs awaiting my attention, tea needs sorting for later and there are a pan of yellow split peas soaking that will be pease pudding when I get a chance.......the job list is never ending but quite flexible and I don't worry about things, as long as everyone is well, the animals and family get fed and there's enough money in the coffers for a treat now and again then we're doing just fine.

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