Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Garden 1 - Suzy 0

I have come across the phrase "The Gentle Art of Gardening" a few times and after heading outside this morning I can confirm there is absolutely nothing gentle going on in my garden. In fact some of the weeds are as aggressive as a rottweiler on steroids and the artistic side of me is most likely to be described as abstract.

This mornings foray into the garden lasted around 45 minutes, in which time I'd weeded my flower garden, attempted to weed the pumpkin/squash patch, looked at the garden shovel waiting patiently for me to use it again, shook my head, downed tools and plodged my sorry backside into the house for another coffee. I say plodged because the sheer weight of mud attached to my wellies meant I kind of shuffled, shifted and wobbled my way across the garden trying to miss the wettest parts and stay on  my feet.

The horses and donkey have been given day ticket passes to the top of my vegetable plot and are happily munching their way through the abundance of grass that has managed to grow there in the last 2 months - saves me getting the strimmer out and keeps them close to home in case the weather should worsen and I need to get them into the stables quickly.

Hubby is at home today and by the amount of machinery noise coming from the workshop he's busy with a project......frequent coffee top ups will be appreciated by him I'm sure as it's a little chilly today although I draw the line at lighting the wood burner, it is, after all May and the sunshine will be back where it belongs sometime in the near future :)


  1. I think you need to mow the lawn. I would happily do it for some lev, but unfortunately, it would cost quite a few euros to get there in the first place.

  2. Mow the lawn? we shouldn't have a lawn and don't usually.......lawns are far too much hard work during the heat of the summer and waste too much water for my liking so we have a patch of greenery and lots of veg instead - or will do when I can get the veg planted ;)

    Our lovely donkey Maggie doubles as a lawnmower when she's not busy trying to roll in the building sand we have outside the gate!