Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Bad Day Gets Worse

There are times when I really feel like screaming here, frustration and anger are not a normal part of my daily life but every now and again something throws me over the edge. I'm a woman, I can be hormonal but for the best part am in control of myself. I make no excuses for having the odd off day and don't feel I need to.

Today has been an awful day........not only did I have hangover to contend with but the Beech Marten has been back overnight and slaughtered another turkey hen despite our efforts to try and stop it getting in, find out where it was getting in and staying awake until dawn in case we heard anything outside. A neighbour came round with a load of traps yesterday, and I've got to say that I hate them and won't have one used. They're barbaric and cruel, and even though I know we need to stop the critter killing any more of our birds I won't have the traps used.

We've made the decision to stop rearing turkeys and also cut down on the amount of chickens we currently have and calmly discussed which ones are staying and which ones need to go. A more secure turkey house has been made for the time being until the birds are dispatched humanely.

The kids have been playing happily in the garden, pigs cleaned out etc and we've had a mainly quiet day, until one of the kids found our cat Buster with his leg hanging off! This ensued immediate panic and screams of "Mum, Buster needs a vet NOW!" to be honest I though they were joking at first, out I run and it's true.....cold reality sets in and after picking the cat up I know he's got a huge infection by how hot he is, maggots in the wound, which isn't fresh, is very dehydrated and in a lot of pain, has lost a load of weight and is covered in ticks. We decide the best thing is to quickly and quietly put him out of his misery and although it's something I hate I know it has to be done. He's now buried in our garden and we will miss him lots. The kids are very upset but understand why we did what we had to do and I'm thankful that they're old enough to chat to calmly about it.......they still need a hug from their mum though.

So all in all we're having a crap day, to top matters off we're again in the midst of a huge thunderstorm, it's cold, raining and the chances of any of our first cut of lucerne being salvageable are slipping away fast. Sometimes life can be hard, but I'm sure days like this are sent to teach us something :(


  1. I'm so sorry..what a terrible day. Sending you my love for a much happier tomorrow x

  2. Living truthfully sure is ugly sometimes. Chin up, Suzy.

  3. Thanks all. Feeling more positive today and slept a full 12 hours last night which is not normal for me but I must have needed it.

    Today is a totally new day and I'm thankful for it. Life sure can seem tough at times but there are always others facing bigger problems.

    Weather getting better again and I've taken some lovely photo's this morning.