Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer is Official

Yesterday was the official start to summer here in Bulgaria, the locals will start shedding layers soon and I'll be spending my evenings watering the garden. Last night there was no need to water the garden as we had an almighty storm and loads of rain, but it's made everything seem fresher this morning.

My lovely clematis is about to start flowering and I've been looking forward to seeing the wonderful deep purple blooms for a while. I remember my mum trying to grow clematis in the UK and never having much luck, mine must be a hardier variety as it has managed to survive through our cold winter fantastically and is double the size it was last year.

Our fruit trees seem to be doing quite well so far, with plenty of small apples, pears and plums forming, although the peach trees aren't looking very good. Soon I'll have to stock up on sugar for my yearly jam sessions.

I'm also hoping to try my hand at making some more liqueur's as the sloe gin we made last year was out of this world.....I've found a recipe for walnut liqueur so hopefully will find the time to make some. Well that's my lunch break over so I best go find something to do for the afternoon, we may be having fresh pork for tea, which I'm looking forward to.

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  1. Whoa, the fruit looks great. Would love to try some.