Monday, 24 May 2010

Inactivity Makes Me Tired

This morning I was up early, dressed, topped up my caffeine system and got the horses out by 7am. On my final trip to the stable yard to put our donkey out to graze the rain started, and boy did it lash down for a few minutes or so. The kids are off school today as it's a national holiday, details of which can be found HERE

We had a lovely tea last night with fresh, home reared pork, Lollo Rosso lettuce and radishes from the garden formed part of the salad. I'm so looking forward to being able to step outside and pick peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers to say the least and also finding out what some of the mystery squash plants are! Now that the temperatures here have risen again their seems to be a few more poking through the soil (and muck heap).

I'm still finding interesting things in the garden to take photo's of and enjoying my time out with the camera. Hopefully my photography skills (or lack of them) are actually improving. It's something I've never really taken the time to explore until now. In years to come I'll have something to look back on and browse through the winter months. What do you get up to when the weather isn't great?

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