Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today I'm another year older and starting to look it too! This week I've found a grey hair in my eyebrow to match the ones that have appeared in my over the winter........but we all have to grow older so I'm not too worried.

The sun is shining, the animals are all happy and the weather will only improve further over the next couple of months. Last summer the temperatures here hit a high of well over 40 degrees C in the sun, far too hot to work in so we do try and take a siesta midday. That also means I get up earlier and get things done before it gets too hot but then enjoy the evenings outside having a barbecue or meal.

Hopefully the spring that has appeared in my vegetable plot will dry out soon and I can get started planting more. Yesterday I did manage to get some more seeds in the ground and another patch completely dug over so the peas can be planted today. It's hard work but very fulfilling when the food on your plate has come from the garden.

Roll on summer and fingers crossed - a bumper crop!


  1. You are doing much better than me here on twitter as I simply don't understand it!! However it is good to see that the grey hairs haven't fuddled your brain. Roger is really well and we are currently staying in Clara Vale with Paul. Planning to return to Tarbena in about 10 days.

  2. I'm quite new to twitter and will try it out for a month to see if I like it.......Facebook I can manage ok and wordpress where I have another blog running.

    Glad to hear you're ok, say hi to Roger and Paul from me. Enjoy your travel back to Tarbena, I'm sure the weather is much better there than in Clara Vale!