Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another "No Garden" Day

This morning was cold, windy and didn't look very promising so after putting the horses and donkey out and having my first coffee of the day I was wondering what to do. Don't get me wrong I love to get on with things in the garden but if I'm feeling cold (as this morning) everything seems to take so much longer and needs more effort.  A quick chat with my sister in law decided that we'd go do some food shopping and pay a couple of bills etc.

So off to Kaufland we went, shopping list in hand and 2 kids in tow. As usual the shopping list was left in the car, impulse buying took over and I predictably forgot to take carrier bags with me so had to buy more! But we got most of the things we needed, paid the phone and ever-so-slow internet and left the shop considerably lighter in the purse than when we went in.

Next stop was the animal feed factory.....since we have so many pigs here now we are getting through a lot of feed, mind they all look good so what they're eating must be ok. This year we're going to try and mill up some pig feed from raw materials - barley, oats and maize are what is commonly used here and we'll need to adjust the amounts to suit our animals. They all get a variety of fresh vegetables and fruit when it's in season so have a pretty good diet. In fact it's a bit of a joke in the village that the English families animals are very well fed. We still have a turkey and bantam hen sitting on eggs, and a load more turkey eggs waiting for a hen to decide to sit, fingers crossed this year we'll have good hatching success rates.

Tomorrow hopefully I'll get back into the garden (and my shorts if the weather is nice) and finally get the peas planted. I have some more seeds to start off  and also need to find a place to plant leek seedlings before the get too big and leggy. I'm inclined to give myself smaller goals to work to then if I don't get everything done on the day I'd hoped at least I won't feel so let down :)


  1. Yep I have become adept at getting the tic's off but it still makes me cringe ugh!!! The collars from the VT vet are not working so its off to Gorna i think!
    Great that you get so much done!
    Great Blogg Suzy, makes me :D

  2. We've tried 2 different collars from the vets Joanna and find the kiltix ones usually work ok for us but the cheap ones have no effect.

    Bloody ticks make me cringe too - I hate them, had only ever seen one in the UK and there's loads here. The horses get them in their manes and they're really hard to spot grrr