Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Housework Day

As it's still snowing outside and we can't get much done we're having a cleaning day inside. During the winter months here the dust from the wood burner can be awful and covers everything so quickly, summer is no better as the ground becomes so baked that the dust appears every time a window is left open.

The dogs bring a lot of muck, mud and bits of trees etc in from the garden daily and as much as I try to keep on top of things sometimes I don't quite succeed and other things take precedence over housework. I don't worry too much if the house becomes untidy or dusty, I'm not a cleaning freak and although the house looks so much better when it is clean we still don't have enough storage for some of the stuff we brought over with us from the UK. Maybe one day we'll get round to having some cupboards built in so I can hide the junk away!

Most of the stuff lying about is either fishing or horse related as we brought it all with us, it will get used again we're just not sure when. At one point we did think about opening a trekking centre for tourists so I did bring extra saddlery equipment, but plans change and I still have it all but may consider selling some items if anyone is interested. A trekking centre was a good idea but the reality of having a minimum of 6 horses and caring for them during the winter months took hold, summer is fine when they're out grazing for most of the day but at times like these I'm glad we only have the 2 horses and a donkey to feed and care for.

I'm still promising myself that I'll get back on and ride Maya when the weather improves as I do think she'll make a lovely riding horse, happy to plod about and do some hacking around the local fields etc, fingers crossed eh?

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