Thursday, 11 March 2010

120 Posts!

I've realised today that this is my 120th post on this blog, mostly my random ramblings but I've enjoyed writing them so far.

I guess like most things in life you don't take stock and look back very often and when you do it can be a shock. When I think back to 5 years ago there's no way I'd have imagined life could have changed so much. And photo's of our house here in Bulgaria show me exactly how much work has been done but I also know there's more to do so when the place is finally finished we really will have achieved something.

Do you have any life changing plans for the future? I hope we'll find some more work this year and also have a good crop from the garden, would also like to find another school for the children to attend and lose some of the weight I've put on over the winter months. I'd say my future plans have downscaled some since moving here, I never was a day dreamer but I'm probably more realistic now than ever. Smaller things make me happy - birds singing, sunshine, my garden doing well. Money does not make you happy and even though we don't have much we can make the best of what we have got.

If you had to choose something to live without for a year what would it be? For me it's cigarettes and I'm going to have another go at quitting for good after my birthday in April.....why then? I'm not sure but it seems like a good idea and something to aim for.


  1. Where do you go to hear birds sing? Sounds like an urban myth to me :)

  2. Ha possibly! plenty of myths and mysteries here in Bulgaria..... :)