Saturday, 13 March 2010

A Small Mistake

For the last week or so I've been trying to get a better look at our piglets, not easy to do when they're running around like nutters and only stop to eat. I just had a feeling that we'd got a little bit mixed up when we sexed them because as they're getting older (7 weeks now) the males have a much wider, fatter head and face and their ears are slightly different from the girls.

So yesterday hubby and I watched them for a while and tried to have a look at who was what while they were having a snack....and each time we tried we got a different answer! Finally we got it right and our 3 girls, 3 boys have now become 2 boys and 4 girls! Oops lol

 The snow here is rapidly melting again, and we have streams running down the field and across parts of our garden, hopefully that means that the spring won't run dry later in the year and we'll have free water for the animals all of the time. I sometimes wish the spring was on our land as we'd run a water wheel from it for electricity, put in pipes for watering crops and also not have to be on mains water at all, not that mains water costs that much here but every little bit we could save on would help.

There's no point having a wind turbine here as in summer and autumn it would barely move, solar power would work well here but the cost of installing it is beyond us. Some things are turning out the way I'd hoped though - we're growing chemical and pesticide free crops, recycling what we can and starting to understand much more about living off the land and becoming more self sufficient. All those years of watching re-runs of "The Goodlife" with Felicity Kendall must have had some effect on me!

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