Monday, 15 February 2010

Yay the seedlings have started

The seeds I planted last week are coming along great, broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, lettuces and leeks are showing themselves and growing nicely. Let's just hope the weather improves soon so they can go in the ground before they get too big!

Yesterday we spent the whole afternoon trying to get the car off the field where it had been since tea time the day before after getting stuck in mud and slush. Everything is thawing quickly here - in fact we're at danger from flooding and have been trying to keep the yard clear, making sure the flood outlets are kept free from muck and straw etc and I've had to open up one of the overflow drains in the stable yard as the new tool room was in danger of being under water. The field outside resembles a river and it's snowed heavily again today which has hidden some of the wettest parts.

Today I've been out to stock up on pig and chicken feed, plus to pay for the new village security service which has started up. For 5 leva a month I'm not sure how effective it will be but it's worth a try. 200 plus houses have signed up now and are proudly displaying their stickers on gates and doors although there were none left for us today so we'll have to wait for new supplies to get here. Anything is worth a try if it deters would be thieves. We're still going to fit window and door bars when we can as an extra deterrent and I do think that they can look quite pretty when well made.

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