Saturday, 20 February 2010

Is Spring Finally Here?

Yesterday and today the weather has been fantastic, in fact I caught the sun and am looking a little pink! The snow has almost gone and we managed to get out and extend the ditch above our main garden to stop the melt water reaching the house. Last year we did get flooded and we were determined it wasn't going to happen again.

The animals are enjoying being out and the horses are happily grazing on the field. I've checked my small winter veg plot and there are signs of life there, just need to wait until the water has gone from the garden and I can start my planting again properly.

Today is Todoroff Den, which is a celebration of the horse. Usually there is a race in the village and the locals bring the horses and carts and have some fun, but numbers have been dropping over the last 2 years and only 1 horse turned up this morning!

Our neighbour has been round this morning and has decided he'd like to give us a beehive and colony of bees which is lovely, but I think we had better get reading up on how to look after them properly! Mmmmm honey


  1. That sounds brill Suzy. I would love to do what you are doing. Maybe 8 years from now I will be able too. We purchased a house 5 years ago near Zlataritsa, south east of VT with the hope that we will be able to retire early and live there one day. Love reading your blog - thanks for sharing.
    Sue (Scooby - BiB & My BG)

  2. Hi Sue and thanks for the kind comment. I hope your plans for the future come together and you can enjoy early retirement here in Bulgaria x