Thursday, 18 February 2010

Anyone For a Mud Bath?

Mud, glorious mud and we have lots of it! The horses have been having a fantastic time the last couple of days digging holes which then fill with water that they love to splash in. It's great seeing them enjoying themselves after being stuck inside for a few weeks. Poor Maggie the donkey on the other hand does not want to be outside at all as there is still some snow on the ground and shouts at anyone who opens the door of the house to take her back into the barn!

All of the pigs are doing really well, the piglets are getting bigger every day and more confident too. They've taken to chasing each other around for parts of the day and look like they're having great fun. We've already been asked if we'll be selling some as the locals know they'll get healthy and well covered piglets due to the fact that everything here is well fed!

Today I'm praising our local police force as they've managed to locate and retrieve my sister in law's stolen laptop, 2 months after she was broken into and she should get it back within 10-14 days time which is great news. I hope they've also found the scumbag who committed the crime and nailed him by the testicles to the village hall! But that may not be the case lol, still praise where praise is due - well done the local bobbies.

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