Sunday, 21 February 2010

Having a Lazy Day

We're not huge drinkers by any standard and rarely go out these days but do now and again enjoy a night in with a few vodka's and a game of cards - last night was one of those nights so today has become a bit of a lazy day! On the plus side it's really windy outside today so there's not much work could be done, even the dogs aren't keen on being in the garden.

I'd really like to be sitting snuggled up next to the woodburner today reading an interesting book. I've seen a lot of smallholder and pig keeping books recommended on a forum I read but I'm not sure that Amazon will deliver to Bulgaria or that I trust the postal service here enough to even try! I think one of these books might come in handy as our neighbour has said he is going to give us a hive and colony of bees this year.

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