Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The Great Escape!

Now that the piglets are getting bigger and more boisterous we've started putting them into the large barn through the day to run off some extra steam. The ground conditions still aren't good enough to start trying to build a new pig house and enclosure but they are improving.

It's wonderful watching the piglets chase each other around and root about, plus it gives mum Charlotte a break, not that she gets very long breaks as they're still feeding from mum regularly. The downside is that they've almost trashed the barn but it's nothing that can't be repaired.

The hard part is getting them from the pig house into the barn in one go - they're so inquisitive and love to explore. As soon as anyone tries to go into the barn they're at the door waiting to try and escape or mob you. They've had a fair amount of handling so far and aren't scared of people in the slightest, nothing seems to faze them and the poor chickens have learnt to get out of the barn or up into the rafters as soon as the pigs come in!

Hopefully I'll get some new pics posted here over the next couple of days for you all to see.

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