Saturday, 6 February 2010

Feeding Time

Although the piglets hadn't tried to eat mum Charlotte's feed yet we decided yesterday to make them up some starter pig food and see if they'd have a try. Within 30 seconds of putting it down they were snuffling about in it and starting to try solid food for the first time. The largest male was the first to get the hang of it whilst the rest followed suit rather quickly.


So later on today we'll be giving them another small feed and slowly increasing the amounts they get to help them wean from mum. Hopefully once this weather clears and the ground defrosts we can get started on a new, larger pig house with outside space  for our growing group of piggies!

On a different note I'm going to start planting some seeds today inside for when the weather clears, hopefully I can get an early start on the garden this year and our crop will be good.

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