Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Cabin Fever!

We're snowed in yet again and this winter seems to be dragging along. The endless fields of white are starting to get boring now and I'm looking forward to seeing greenery again.

I'm also looking forward to getting out of the village even for a short time to do some proper shopping! The freezer is nowhere near as full as it was and the fridge looks bare most of the time. Some of the animals are eating stuff they don't usually get (not that they seem to mind) but it can't be a fully balanced diet for them.

The kids received a parcel each from the UK a couple of days ago full of new clothes etc and were over the moon so at least they're happy. They've also been listening to a lot of music lately and have dug out a load of my old CD's so we've had a true assortment of musical tastes played!

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