Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Happy Piglets!

I've spent some time today in with the piglets and I've got to say that they're fantastic! Maybe I'm a bit biased but they are just the sweetest, cutest and friendly piglets.

They're very inquisitive right now and while mum is busy eating I've been handling them gently and letting them know I won't hurt them. They crowd around, sniffing everything and putting their little snouts on your hands and boots. I'd like them to be well handled early in life as it does seem to make them easier to work with when they get bigger. A 150 kilo pig who's not friendly can be a bit of a pain I'd imagine!

I'll try and get some more photo's of them tomorrow to put on here, they've certainly grown a lot since they were born and one in particular is quite chunky. The kids are dying to name them but we're uncertain how many we'll keep yet so will wait until we've thought things through a bit more. Come to think of it they haven't named our young sow which is odd as she's been here quite a while now! If you think you have a good name for one of our pigs feel free to leave a comment :)

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