Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snow and Ice Again

After a few days of milder weather winter has reared it's head again and we have lovely fresh snow now lying on top of thick, very slippery ice. Not great for walking down to the shops in wellies as I found out yesterday! I did manage to stay on my feet but had a few "Hairy" moments lol

The piglets are doing really well and getting more inquisitive and boisterous by the day. They'll be starting on small amounts of solid food this week hopefully. Charlotte is looking well and enjoying her food as usual plus very much back to her normal self and enjoying our company. She lies down on command for a belly rub!

Pigs are very intelligent and love to be around people when they've been treat well, so far every pig we've had has been an absolute joy and none of the have been aggressive towards us. Mikey, our first pig walked on a lead like a dog and the locals thought it was hilarious! We're undecided on how many of the piglets to keep but at least one will stay with us, ideally we'd like to breed more but we will also rear some for meat.

Once the weather changes for good we'll have to think about building a new, larger pig house with an outside run, we have the space to do it and some of the materials we can find around and about on our property. In particular we have an overgrown plot that really would benefit from having pigs on it and they'll enjoy rooting around there too. It has a well, so water shouldn't be a huge issue and we can run electricity from the main house without too much of a problem. So that's one of our plans for this year.

Do you have anything specific planned for the year ahead?

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  1. Thought I'd add a comment of my own as I'd forgotten to post that February 2nd is apparently "Man's day" here in BG. When our friends were trying to explain to us what the day was about they got a little mixed up and told us it was "Gay day" lol then "Cockerel day" so I guess that it's just a day for the male population of Bulgaria to celebrate being men!