Sunday, 3 January 2010


We've woken up this morning to snow again, a complete whiteout that doesn't look like stopping at least for the moment. The weather forecast shows a few days of colder weather and more snow on the way then just as quick as it arrived it should hopefully disappear again.

At least the melt water will keep the Cheshma (water spring) going for a while, we're lucky to have a free water spring almost outside of the door and the water is wonderfully clear and cold all year round. It's fine to drink and saves us money on animal drinking water every day. The villagers use it to wash rugs and their cars during the warmer months and some of them use it as their only source of drinking water.

So for the next few days we're stuck home while the weather does it's thing, not that I mind! Shopping is a necessary evil and not something I really enjoy, in fact I'm quite content to stay in the village and at home most of the time.

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