Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Back to Normality-ish!

The kids are back at school now, the Chritmas tree is packed away in it's box for another year, all of the chocolates have been eaten and it's back to normality here. Of course my idea of "Normality" may not be yours and vice versa!

The horses are out today as the weather is ok and the snow is melting. I've been out and cleared the yard of snow and ice and made sure the storm drainage is clear. Time for another coffee now and a small break before I get stuck into housework yet again. With 2 children in the house the mess is never ending, plus the wet weather means that every time the dogs go out for a wee the floor is covered in water/mud/slush grrrrr.

The best thing about winter is eating comfort food - casseroles, soups and the like, tonight's tea is toad in the hole, another favourite mmmm and on that note I best go get the sausages out of the freezer!

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