Friday, 8 January 2010

Mud, Mud Everywhere!

I hate mud! Sticky, dirty, oozing, caked on every pair of shoes or boots and not good for the animals either.

Things have gone from green to white, back again and now to brown as the snow melted and mud formed where cars drive and people/animals walk. The horses have had great fun rolling in the mud and are caked with it, dogs constantly bringing it into the house on their feet and I've not got one pair of shoes that are clean. Oh the life of a rural ex-pat!

On a more sombre note there have been a spate of burglaries in our area over the last week, by all accounts they seem to be random, quick attacks on properties left unattended even for short periods of time.  It's certainly made us start thinking more about security. We do have an alarm on the main house and also a camera but are now thinking that we will probably make and fit security grills to the downstairs windows and door just in case. Our bungalow was broken into last weekend but nothing was taken - possibly because everything in there is large and too heavy to be carried out of small windows (the door was locked securely). We'll be putting some more security lights around the place and hope that nothing else happens.

No doubt the same thing is also happening in other areas as the winter goes on and people don't have any money for firewood or food, this is a poor country let's not forget and crime does happen. It's never nice to have your property broken into and things taken but we can try and minimise the chances of that happening.

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