Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ooooh MMMM I want!

Right now, more than anything I'd really like a large tub of Celebrations chocolates! Mmmmm I'm almost drooling just thinking about them lol

I'll admit to being a bit of a chocoholic but most of the sweet stuff here just isn't up to scratch. For a country whose people have a sweet tooth you'd expect some wonderful delicacies but sadly it's not the case. Really good chocolate is as rare as hen's teeth and when you do find it expect a hefty price tag.

The one thing I did enjoy on a trip back the the UK last June was being able to buy chocolate almost anywhere, although my waistline did show a difference when I got back home! I really thought I'd missed the likes of Asda and other well known supermarkets but in reality I'd missed the variety and amount of produce they stock. Although there are now quite a few supermarkets here (and more opening all of the time) they all seem to stock the same stuff, the only difference being the prices occasionally.

Clothes shopping is not something I do a lot of here - the prices are quite high on anything of half decent quality and the sizes are small, small or small, if you're over a 10 then you are large or even extra large as one woman told me once. When we first moved here I lost 3 stone without trying, the extra manual work and change of diet suited me and the weight fell off. Size 16/18 to a size 10 in 6 months or so. Now I've evened out at a size 12 and am quite happy, much healthier and feel younger too.

Possibly the weight loss was helped by the "Not so good" chocolate situation, who knows? Oh well, back to dreaming and slobbering over chocolates I can't have..............I'll just have to stock up if/when I go back to the UK for a break again lol

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