Friday, 18 December 2009


I'm very happy today - my brand new, shiny cash point card has arrived, well done Nationwide! So after a few weeks of waiting and me saying this morning that I'd have to contact the bank and have them send another as the first seemed lost it's been sorted out.

So this afternoon I put the old card to good use and re-grouted some of the bathroom tiles with it. It's not the fact that we've not really had access to money that's bothered me, more a feeling of being cut off and slightly lost. We physically don't have lots of money and do have to watch what we spend. So a trip to the "Hole in the wall" isn't something that happens too often.

I'd like to find a job here in Bulgaria and have been trying to think of things I could do to earn some money and so far I haven't come up with anything wonderful. A few vodka's and a brainstorming session may help there though lol either that or we'll get drunk, have a laugh and suffer terribly the next day with hangovers! I know which is more likely to happen lol So any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Soon I'll be starting my garden planning and once spring arrives everything will be all go again. There is so much stuff I'd like to grow and we have plenty of space here but some things just don't do well and others require too much hard work to make them viable. Hopefully the last 2 years will help me plan what to grow and where to help minimise the work that has to be done to produce a good crop. I'd really like to try and sort out a watering system this year too as that alone was taking me over an hour a day, every day.

So I'll be trawling the net after Christmas to see if I can find any easy to do and cheap plans to help out with the workload and also general hints and tips. There are a lot of good sites around it's just a case of searching for something specific and weeding out the rubbish.

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