Saturday, 19 December 2009

Keeping Warm

Keeping warm in the winter is a must and there are various things you can do to help keep an even temperature. We wear layers of clothing rather than one thick item, vest tops, t-shirts, fleece jumpers, leggings, thermals etc can all help to keep you at a comfortable temperature when it's freezing outside.

One of the best things we did was to install a central heating system that runs from the wood burner. It wasn't as expensive as we thought either and definitely worth the time and money we spent installing it. We are lucky that my hubby is good at most things and after over 20 years in the building trade has picked up enough knowledge to be able to do plumbing, electrics, tiling and most things also his chosen trade of joinery. If you're good at plumbing and have a knowledge of how central heating systems work you can install a basic system for around 1500 leva (under £1000), the price all depends on how many radiators you want and how big your home is. Don't be taken in by people asking silly amounts to install a system that can be done by anyone with some good DIY skills.

There are lots of jobs that you can do yourself is a relatively short amount of time and with basic skills. Insulating a loft or cellar area is easily done and not too expensive but can cut your heating costs. If you're using a wood burning stove then your firewood will burn hotter and better if it's at least a year old and has been stored somewhere dry, also the type of wood burnt can give off differing amounts of heat. Keeping flue's clean is a must for safety reasons and will also help your fire burn better.

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