Thursday, 17 December 2009

Donkey's Don't do Snow!

Well we've had more snow overnight and the garden looks lovely, the scenery is fantastic here all year round but I do love to see the smoke coming from chimneys and the sparkle of frost/snow everywhere.

The animals are all in their houses happily munching away and every so often the donkey likes to let me know she's run out of hay by braying loudly every half hour. Not having kept a donkey before I assumed they were very similar to horses and didn't mind the snow but I was wrong......very wrong! Maggie does not do snow, or rain for that matter. Horses don't seem to mind and will scrape the snow away to graze, in fact our horses love to roll in deep snow, play in puddles and generally get filthy at any opportunity. But donkeys, well, the like to roll in sand, are truly stubborn and strong willed and refuse to go out in snow!

Even the dogs have to stay inside during some of the extremes of weather we get. In summer it's just too hot to let them run around (as Spaniels do so well) during the middle of the day and in winter they tend to collect snow on their legs, ears and belly's making them resemble yeti's so again they're housebound and only go out for the obligatory number 1's and 2's and a quick dash around the garden then back in to the warmth for a nap!

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