Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Yay More Friends On The Way

The village we live in is quite small compared to others, about 1000 people live here, mostly Bulgarian or Bulgarian Turkish. There are 3 English families live here full time but many more have bought properties here either for investment purposes or as holiday homes.

We've met some of the other ex-pats with houses and they're a nice bunch of people. A lovely couple that we met last year who have a house at the other end of the village are right now on their way across Europe and I believe tonight they're in Hungary so should be here within the next couple of days hopefully. Plus we have another set of friends and their 4 children hopefully moving to Bulgaria soon. So this summer should be the best so far with lots of good company, hopefully a few BBQ's and laughs along the way.

So far we've made a lot of friends from all over the UK and further afield and some great Bulgarian friends too, but ti's still nice to be able to converse easily in your native language. The kids are doing great at learning not only to understand Bulgarian but also to read and write it, I'm not sure I'll ever get up to their standard though but I do try. At least we have some fun while trying to learn and mistakes often turn into jokes!


  1. Hopefully, A LOT of barbecues this summer. Barbecues are really nice. :)

    Do you think it's hard to learn conversational Bulgaria, say if I were to travel there and backpack around for two weeks?

  2. Conversational Bulgarian isn't too hard, things like where is? can you help me? please and thank you etc.

    It's the grammar that flummoxes me every time and which way the words are meant to go - for instance if someone asks "How are you (Kak se)" the answer in Bulgarian is "Good I am (Dobre sum)"

    Although any language can be hard to learn once you're over a certain age I think!