Sunday, 25 April 2010

Starting to Take Shape

After a couple of busy days in the garden I've noticed more and more seedlings starting to show themselves which is inspiring. Spinach, courgettes, squash and cucumbers are coming along nicely. The tomato and pepper seedlings are also doing well and  hopefully will be in the ground soon.

We've been building an enclosed and dog proof patch for melons to grow, with mesh sides so they can climb, and slightly raised beds to make weeding a little easier on my back. later on in the year the raised beds can be either converted into a hot bed system or we can use the posts that are already in and create a polytunnel type structure and extend the growing season a while.

 Today we're having a "Quiet" day as last night we had a wonderful BBQ and a few drinks.....well maybe more than a few lol. Although I don't feel ill or hungover I am really tired, slightly chilly and low on enthusiasm so have managed less than I'd have liked to achieve but the jobs needing done will still be here tomorrow. I did get some more strawberry plants in, helped hubby to sort through some stuff in the small tool room (which will be my utility room at some point) and have a lovely pan of pease pudding on the go which will be lovely at tea time with our ham salad.

Now I think it's time to "Veg Out" in front of the TV until animal and human feeding time! Normal life will return tomorrow lol


  1. I'm currently living on a farm in Maidstone, and the family I'm staying with also grow cucumbers and spinach, which haven't come out like yours just yet. Bulgaria must have an earlier crop cycle in the year.

    Barbecue sounds great, we had one yesterday. Sounds like a pleasant day. :)

  2. Bulgaria does indeed have a slightly earlier start to the growing season due to the warmer weather.

    We love to BBQ and eat outside during the summer