Wednesday, 17 March 2010

More Babies on the Way (Possibly)

When I posted yesterday about going to look for turkey eggs my son must have been reading my mind! Not more than a half hour had passed from me updating this blog to him coming inside with the first of this years turkey eggs.

Today I found another so hopefully within the next 2 weeks we'll have enough for the first clutch and a month after the hen sits there will be turkey poults again. I think baby turkeys are incredibly cute and it's exciting waiting for them to hatch. We've given up on the incubator after last year's failure rates (and hubby shot the glass out of it by mistake testing the sights on his air rifle!) and will let nature take it's course. Our mother turkey was good last time round and managed to hatch 2 separate clutches of eggs so we'll leave her to get on with it.

I'm hoping our bantam hens will also come in handy and possibly hatch some chicks from the larger chickens (no more bantams please!), but as yet they're not broody so we'll see later in the year.

The trees here are just about to start getting their leaves, the grass is growing well, land drying out after the last snow - even though we had a sprinkling of snow this morning! And the weather is improving every day, this weekend is supposed to be very nice so maybe we'll have a barbecue - yummy!

Today is St. Patrick's day in the UK and Ireland so I expect there's a few of my friends out enjoying themselves. Hope my sister is also as it's her birthday, Happy Birthday little sis x

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