Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Socialising & Celebrating

We don't socialise as much as we should due to living quite far from town and one of us would have to drive each time we go somewhere. Eating out is not expensive here so very occasionally we treat ourselves to a pizza in town. Alcohol is also quite cheap to buy and neighbours are always giving us homemade rakia, some good - some bad! Whenever we visit a friend there's always a glass of rakia, plus coffee and usually juice too plus nibbles, the Bulgarian people are very friendly and hospitable.

During the course of the year there are many celebrations and holidays in Bulgaria including name days which are like birthdays, a list of the bulgarian name days can be found here Bulgarian Name Days . Each village or town also has a special day, ours is usually 15th March when there is a horse and cart race on the football stadium with the winners receiving bales of straw and lucerne plus a small amount of cash donated by the spectators.

We're learning more every day about some of the traditions and special events here and it's lovely to be included with the celebrations, makes us feel like we're a part of the community. The children are accepted at school and even though us adults are still struggling with the language at times the locals seem to appreciate that we are trying. I just wish that I could understand more bulgarian and hope to be able to do so over time.

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