Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Slow and Steady

There's a little more work being done on our house today thanks to my hubby. Sometimes it seems as though we aren't getting much further forward but looking back at old photo's of the house when we bought it makes me realise just how much we have done and although it's taking time we are getting there.

Our main house was a standard 2 storey brick and stone built building with 3 rooms downstairs and 3 rooms upstairs connected by an outside staircase. Originally the house was around 120 sqm's and when we bought had no windows, water or electric. There had never been an inside bathroom or kitchen as such although the house had previously had electricity but the cables had been stolen.

Hubby decided that he wanted to do most of the work himself so that's what is taking the time, there's only so much one man can do in a day! He's been in the building trade for over 20 years and is very good at most jobs which has helped us immensely and also saved us money.

Finding reliable, good tradesmen in Bulgaria is apparently a problem for a lot of ex-pats. There are many "Get rich quick" builders around only too willing to part you from your hard earned cash. Lots of them have no qualifications or experience and are hell bent at ripping other people off. The few that can do the job they claim to do and for the price agreed are in demand. Word soon spreads if builder is bad and he soon finds himself running short of employment. Word also spreads if a builder is good at his job and doesn't overcharge, certainly the jobs that hubby has done so far have received praise and other work has come forward because of it. Let's hope it continues and 2010 is a good year!

If you have bought a property in Bulgaria or are considering it please do be careful who you trust. Get lots of quotes and think things through thoroughly, the cheapest quote may not always be the best standard of work. Ask any builder for photo's of work done and testimonials from past clients. Also check out the forums I have listed on here as many unhappy clients will tell their stories on them.

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