Sunday, 10 January 2010

Another Day Closer

Today we've been outside and busy, re-arranging where some of the animals sleep because the pig has refused to stay in her house and is so big now that she can lift the door off the hinges and let herself out!

Last night we could hear noises in the stable yard and went to check, the pig had let herself out and somehow the donkey was out too. Of course the donkey was in the yard attempting to open the feed barrels and the pig had decided that she's have a snooze in the barn where the donkey usually sleeps!

So needless to say we've now moved Charlotte the pig into the big barn to give her some extra space for when the piglets arrive. Poor Maggie the donkey has been sleeping in there with the small chickens and has been relegated back into her small stable next to the young pigs we have here.

The maternity barn is now ready, with extra straw for comfort, some of the drafts blocked up and the pig quite happily lying in the middle of her new bed snoring away! Bring on the piggies lol

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