Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Raining Cats & Dogs & Rodents!

Good morning, it's rained here all night long and is miserable outside to say the least. It's foggy, cold, breezy and still the rain comes down. Time for a PJ day I think.

When the weather changes here the rodents invariably look for somewhere warm to spend the winter and lately we've been hearing them scurrying about. Not that it's anything to worry about - all part of rural life really, but still I don't like them!

Because we've been here a couple of years now we've tried and tested a few methods to get rid of rodents inside. Traps work well for most of the time but we also use poison in areas where there isn't space for a trap. This year we've heard the mice more in the pipe boxing that runs around our bathroom and as space is limited there have had to put poison in the gaps. It seems to be working or so I thought until this morning!

My usual routine is to get dressed, have a coffee, put the horses out etc. This morning I went about my usual routine but felt that an item of clothing just wasn't right..........decided to check why I was feeling a little uncomfortable and well to my horror have found that the mice have eaten some of the fabric of my knickers!!!! They are now almost crotchless LOL  just goes to show how much attention I take while dressing.

Fashion goes "Out of the window" here during the colder months and staying warm is a priority, so layering becomes habit and my Thinsulate over trousers are my best friends. Today I'm going to try and hunt out the hats. scarves and gloves and also need to check everyone still has suitable winter footwear. I'll be putting some more rodent poison down too!

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