Tuesday, 3 November 2009

More Green Tomatoes

I still have a whole load of green tomatoes and am struggling to find things to do with them. I've made different types of chutney, salsa, a pasta sauce dish (which wasn't very nice), green tomato and chilli jam (very nice) and generally thrown a few into various dishes like chilli con carne.

As I seem to be having a bit of a mental block and the internet isn't throwing up any more recipes that I fancy trying I think I'll probably end up just blending them all down and bunging them in the freezer till a later date. It's either that or feed them to the pig!

Every day here has a moment when the thought processes turn to "What shall we have for tea?" And although the choice of food stuff is growing all of the time sometimes you get stuck in a rut so to speak. There are no take away's in  the village and the local shops are mainly small. Of course we do have a couple of new supermarkets in the local town but I don't want to go shopping every week!

Back in the UK Asda was a 5 minute drive away and open 24 hours. I find that places like that encourage me to spend more and I fall fowl to impulse buying. Living here we are on a budget and maybe I should plan the weeks meals in advance to help keep the costs in perspective, but to be honest I quite like the randomness and prefer to choose what we eat based on mood/weather etc.

Summer we eat lots of salad and tend to BBQ quite often, winter it's stews, soups and warming food. Our diet here is as varied as can be. What produce we grow is used or frozen to be used at a later date. I love to see stuff that I've grown as part of a meal on my plate.

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