Monday, 2 November 2009


Either I've gone really soft or the temperatures here have plummeted over the last couple of days. I'm constantly cold and have already started wearing my winter over trousers when working outside. Not started wearing the thermals yet but that's the next step lol

Although the winters here can seem harsh and cold usually the rain holds off and the sun manages to shine most days so winter doesn't seem bad at all. This will be our 3rd winter here so at least we know what to expect and can plan ahead a little.

As we live on the edge of the village and don't have an official road to our house once the snow arrives driving can get a little tricky, which reminds me I've yet to put anti-freeze in the cars or check the snow chains are intact! We hope at some point to put a small road up to our house but until we have the time and funds to do it we'll just have to carry on driving up the field. Off road driving is something we're used to after having the horses back in the UK, muddy tracks and dirt roads are the norm to most equestrian establishments.

We were snowed in for about 2 weeks last winter, which is fine when your freezer is full of food and there's plenty of fire wood around. Maybe if I catch the plow driver this year he might for a small price make us a pathway from the house to the street so we can get out if we need to.

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