Sunday, 15 November 2009

Other Ex-pats

To be honest there aren't many other ex-pats living full time in our village. Only 2 families so far and another planning to move over soon. Some villages tend to attract ex-pats and they flock there in hordes, which is fine if you want to live where there are plenty of English speaking neighbours and people to socialise with.

We're not anti-social but wanted to live in a village where we could find real, rural Bulgaria. The ex-pats we've met so far seem a nice bunch of people. A fair amount have retired early and are enjoying their free time in Bulgaria. Some, like us are younger families hoping for a better lifestyle and working hard to achieve this.

We have a few english friends in  Bulgaria and it's always lovely to see them. As everyone is busy working or renovating we don't get to see them as often as we'd like to. Yesterday I popped round to see some friends who live in the village to borrow some paracetamols and while I was there another couple popped by from a neighbouring village. We spent an hour or so chatting about life in general and having a cup of tea!

Whilst we do miss friends back in the UK at least we can now keep in touch with them via e-mail and facebook etc. We've all changed a lot since living here and maybe that has altered some friendships but we are lucky to have some good friends still.

One problem with a minority of the ex-pats here is the fact that alcohol is cheap, a few turn to the drink and give the rest of us a bad's easy to get tarred with the same brush all because a few individuals can't behave. Then again it's the same in the UK. If anything I'd say that our alcohol consumption has dropped since moving here but we were never big drinkers, more social only and although we brewed our own wine in the UK we usually ended up giving it away!

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