Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Weather Forecasting

Here in Bulgaria weather forecasting is something of an art or talent. Our neighbour would come round and say "It's going to rain after lunch on Thursday - about 2pm" and sure enough he was usually right. This happened time and time again.

Now that we can understand more of the language we do tune into the Bulgarian TV channels quite regularly for the weather, but still listen to the neighbour too.

This a place of some extremes, summer temperatures can hit well over 40 degrees and winters can get as low as minus 25. And sometimes without a lot of warning! The first week in February we were enjoying temperatures of 20 degrees, the shorts were on, we were texting people back in the UK and having a good time.......2 days later we got snowed in!

We're forecasted for lower temperatures this week and rain, possibly some snow, although it's very early for snow here but not rare. let's just hope the workers manage to get here and finish our roof before the worst arrives! I've been checking www.wunderground.com just in case.

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