Sunday, 5 December 2010

Up in the Air

Life sometimes throws things at you that are not expected and that's what happened to us in the last 10 days. Routine gets turned upside down and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it apart from grit your teeth and go with the flow.

Unfortunately my father in law passed away quite suddenly last weekend which of course meant that hubby had to fly to the UK for the funeral. Now we don't usually plan to fly anywhere after December and through until March because you can just never judge the weather and we've always been caught out and had delays etc. The weather here is still warmer than normal and we've yet to have snow, although the poor UK has had awful weather lately and temperatures in County Durham, I believe, have been as low as -15 deg C, with lots of snow.

This time hubby had a 3 hour delay which wasn't too bad (I hope). But it could've been very different. He'd had an awful time trying to find a coach seat from town to Sofia (where the airport is) and ended up booking a seat at 4am which would get him to the airport about 3 hours earlier than he needed to be to check in for the flight. But due to a technical problem (possibly an alarm clock set wrong) we both slept in and he missed the coach. All panic then ensued as we ran around at 4.45am to try and get dressed without waking the kids, get in the car and drive to town to try and find another coach seat!

Luckily for us the ticket office was open when we got there at 5.45am and to be honest I really thought I was seeing things - There aren't many places that would have a ticket office open and staffed at that time on a saturday morning! So on the coach he got whilst I drove home in the rain. I miss hubby loads when he's away but know that he had to go this time. I'm already looking forward to him getting back next weekend. Life will just carry on as usual here with animal feeding, muck shovelling, horses and donkey in and out daily and the general household chores that need done.

All of the animals have extra bedding now as the temperatures continue to drop. I think nature is playing tricks on us at the moment because my spring bulbs are poking through the soil and the strawberry plants are flowering again. Hopefully the weather here will stay mild and we're not in for a huge shock in January and February, which are usually the worst months weatherwise. Still I know it will get colder and we will get snowed in at some point - it's just a matter of time. But when it happens we should be well stocked up and have thermals at the ready, fashion goes out of the window at temps lower than -8!


  1. Hi Suz, sorry to hear about your loss :(( It's awful at any time of year to lose someone, and even more so near Xmas.
    I know how you feel, it throws your whole world into chaos for a while, we have been a bit similar here, helping friends who's dog has been poisoned. Taking them into yambol every day, sometimes twice. The dog is on the mend but it is a slow process, and of course, you have to try and plan around it.
    I do hubby is ok, you said Country Durham, don't know exactly where but, my sister in Thirsk said it isnt as bad as it has been, as did my family in Darlington, so fingers crossed that he gets about ok.
    My thoughts are with you and fingers crossed that everything goes as smoothly as it can and hiubby is soon by your side again :D
    Stay safe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Shirley

  2. Sorry to hear of your family's loss. Mr. P is a coach driver currently on the London commuter run, gets up at stupid o'clock and his office is open 24 hours! We had about 14" of snow down here in north Kent last week, of course anything ground to a halt, mostly all gone now, but bitterly cold. Kate Moss, I wasn't, last week (apart from the Uggs)! :-D
    Jak x

  3. Hi i am new here, been scrolling to find blogs from different countries and it seems you are the lone one in the list for Oct in Blotanical. Bulgaria seem to be a very far country from ours, hehe, and we are on the other side of the world. I am sorry for the loss in the family.