Thursday, 18 November 2010

Catching Up

Over the last week or so we've been quite busy. Last weekend was daughters 15th birthday so we had friends over for a curry and a dozen or so teenagers here too. A nice mix of Bulgarian and English and I hope everyone had a great time. The weather, luckily for us was fantastic so we were able to sit outside until the sun went down. Hubby made a lovely curry for the adults and the kids managed to munch their way through pizza, pasta, crisps etc.

We're still setting and catching mice in the house and just now I can hear something scrabbling around in the roof too so that will have to be investigated at the weekend. There's not much more we can do apart from keep setting the traps and trying to see if there are any access points we can find to block up and stop the critters getting in. There seem to be a lot more rodents around this year despite the fact we now have 2 more cats. Although Fatty and Farty as they're affectionately named - Thomas and Purdy in reality, are not proving to be very good at catching or even hunting anything and prefer to spend their days sleeping or eating!

It's a hard life.........

The 2 boy dogs seem to be enjoying their new dog run and we've had no more escapes since I put extra bars on the barn window. But Fudge has decided that it's fun to bark and threaten the pigs through the window so I'm trying to nip that in the bud before it becomes a habit. Fudge is about to begin the process of injections and blood tests that should in around 6 months or so allow him to go and live in the UK with my sister in law. Fingers crossed that it all goes well and to plan.


  1. Lots of rodents is another sign of a harsh winter coming, as well as all the others i have noticed ie, BGs buying lots and lots of wood this year, and buying insulation for water pipes!! The weather is similar to when we moved over, warm right up until the end of December, then wham bam thank you ma'm 6 weeks of harsh frost and snow, then back to normal weather, we loved it :D


  2. I hope you're wrong Shirley lol

    But if the winter does get very bad we will manage - because we have to lol.

    Plenty of wood and a freezer full of food, lots of books and maybe even a few bottles stashed away of something medicinal to keep us warm :)