Friday, 22 October 2010

Your Favourite Season

Ok then readers, what is your favourite season and why? I think mine is probably spring, even though it's usually quite muddy and wet here I love to see the signs that life and plants are starting to grow again. As with most years I start planning my spring planting over the winter months, this year I have some bulbs to plant as I'm feeling the need for some colour in my small flower patch earlier than usual. And true to form I'll more than likely forget what I've planted and where and get a lovely surprise when the bulbs start to make an appearance!

Tomorrow I'm going to read the posts I made last spring and try to learn a few things from any mistakes I made with the garden. I do find it a bit odd reading about my own life here and much prefer to read blogs by other people, but think it will give me a small reminder of what spring truly is here in Bulgaria again. Do you ever read your own blog or diary? And how does it make you feel?

I'm keeping this post short and sweet as I'm tired tonight and have to be up early for market day. I missed it last week so have some catching up to do with the ladies. Night all and I hope you have a great weekend whatever you do.


  1. Have to say, that I really love all the seasons because each one brings it's own joys and sorrows, spring, the time when all things start sprouting to life, even the weeds grrrrrr, summer when everything is in full bloom and at it's best (and the weeds grrrrr) autumn, when the leaves coat the ground with gold and red (and the weeds get even thicker! bigger grrrrrrrrrr) and finally winter, when my garden looks just as good as everyone elses because the weeds are either dead or covered in snow yayyyyyyyy he he
    My motto: live each day as if it were your last........ because one day it will be lol
    Shirley xx

  2. Lovely thoughts... my favorite season is all of them. It's so wonderful to have change. And especially to know that as my gardens are heading into the cold winter, somewhere in the world it is Spring! Welcome to Blotanical! I will enjoy reading your posts...

  3. My favourite time of the year is late May / early June, when the garden is full of promise and hope and "This year is going to be my best ever" comes into my mind. I always find Autumn a bit sad; things are "closing down" and Spring seems a long way off.
    I'd be interested to hear what veg you grow in Bulgaria that we in the UK can't get, or don't see very often.