Friday, 15 October 2010

Goodbye Vasko

I'm a little emotional today and had a terrible nights sleep too. Vasko had been getting slightly worse day by day and struggling to get on his feet, mainly due to the colder weather, his age and the fact that most of his life has been lived without proper care. We can only assume that he's been neglected quite badly and his body has taken enough so this morning I took him to the vets in town to be put to sleep. Everything was done quietly and quickly, he was sedated first then the lethal injection given and I stayed with him until the end, stroking him and talking to him. Then he was brought home and buried in our garden.

To be honest I'm glad it's over and that he won't suffer any more but inside I'm totally gutted, distraught and prone to burst into tears at any moment, in fact I'm crying now typing this and the tears are more anger than anything else. I know we did the right thing but still can't accept the blase attitude to animals and suffering here. We were not to blame for this poor dogs bad life and hope that at least his last 4 months with us were full of kindness and compassion. He's been fed, cared for and loved even though he wasn't really a dog you could cuddle.

I'm not naive enough to think I can save all of these poor animals, but even a few moments of kindness can, I hope, make a difference to some. On a brighter note, our neighbour's goat, Marta, gave birth to triplets this week, but hubby has already said we can't have one lol......he knows me too well!

We are having a new phone line installed hopefully next week that should make it easier for friends and family to keep in touch with us. Our current service See my earlier rant Here is rubbish and the phone line rarely works so we're having a fixed line installed that isn't dependant on electric and shouldn't go off in a storm. Although it will only be for the telephone as there aren't any digital lines/cables this way yet and may not be for some time.

That's enough for today and I'll be back to blogging when I feel a little more positive. Luckily I don't usually stay down for long and something happens to put me back on the right track. So I'll end this post with a simple goodbye and god bless to my Vasko, who's no longer in any pain and can't be hurt anymore. RIP little lad.


  1. Aw...poor little Vasko. All I can say is thank goodness he found you to spend the last part of his life with, knowing love and family, with kindness and good food thrown in for good measure.

    A sad life, but with a happy end, you gave him love and that's worth SO much.

    RIP Vasko.

    Sue xx

  2. Thanks for the kind words Sue.

    I'm sad but know there'll be another needy cause will turn up at some point.

    One day far into the future things may change here regarding animal care and cruelty. But I won't hold my breath for now!


  3. That must have been such a hard desicion Sue, and I take my hat of to you. The animal cruelty here is ine of the things I hate the most, and the fact that they can't see what is wrong with it!!??
    At least Vasko found you and enjoyed some comfort in his life, so many don't! He is at peace now, and all done properly. As you say, and is so true, there will be another hard luck case somewhere in the near future, Bulgaria has one on every corner, unfortunately.
    Rest in peace little Vasko, who found and knew love at the end xxxx