Saturday, 10 July 2010

Kamen Horse Fair

Today I've been out to a neighbouring village for their annual horse fair. The event lasts all weekend and is similar to Appleby Fair in the UK. Lots of harnesses, horses, donkeys, mules and other things for sale. Loud music, beer tents and people trying to part you with your hard earned cash!

I did behave though and bought only a hat, I'd gone to see if I could find a nice driving bridle for Milka but didn't see what I was looking for. At least I didn't buy another horse though - there were some fabulous looking animals there and also a fair share of scrawny, overworked and under fed, poor looking horses who admittedly if I had pots of cash lying around I'd have been buying them by the handful just to try and rehabilitate them and show them that people can be kind.

Unfortunately I forgot to take the camera with me, it's becoming a habit that I must break. Horses of all shapes and sizes were gathered on a huge field amid carts, trucks and home made tents. Men milling about trying to show their animals off to potential buyers and others just looking for a bargain. Then there were the many stalls selling food, candy floss, kebabche and kufte and others. People selling bedding, toys, tools, hardware, fishing equipment, clothes and of course the usual tat that is often found at gatherings of this sort. The road to the fair ground is packed with stalls either side, people walking along the road and cars, trucks, horseboxes etc all trying to get either up the lane or down with not much space.

It was great to get out of the village for a while and although the weather still isn't great at least it stayed dry when we were there. The field was pretty muddy though and some of the people who've been staying there with their horses looked a little downheartened, but I wouldn't like to be camping in the rain either. Still there was a good atmosphere, friendly and upbeat. Luckily for us there were plenty of people about to help when we managed to get Nev's jeep stuck in mud, suddenly there were a lot more people pushing and trying to help and within minutes it was free and we were on our way home after saying thanks to those that had given us a hand.

Going out today and seeing all these horses has made me decide I really do need to motivate myself to get back in the saddle, so I'm hoping hubby will help me set up a temporary paddock tomorrow and then I can get my backside into gear and try to re-gain my riding confidence.........just need to let hubby know that I'd like him to do a job here at home, for me and not a client, I'll have a word with him when I go back downstairs lol.

So that was my day, how is your weekend going and do they always go to plan?

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