Monday, 5 July 2010

Hooray For Sunshine

After a weekend of thunder, lightning, rain and hailstones our Bulgarian sunshine has returned, and I've really missed it. Yesterday afternoon brought about a huge storm that had been threatening for hours and all we could do was sit tight and wait for it to stop. The poor animals were outside whilst hailstones pelted them for at least 15 minutes, the dogs, cat, chickens, pigs and turkeys could at least take shelter inside but the horses and Maggie the donkey had to turn their backs to the wind and put up with it. Stranger still is that our a friend of ours who works for the village corporation as security said there were no hailstones there and the place is only 5 minutes up the road on the opposite edge of the village! So I've not managed to get out and about to take some new photos for this blog yet.

Hubby came home on Friday with a borrowed pair of horse clippers (thanks Karen & Pete) and proceeded to almost scalp Sasha our Springer Spaniel and Molly, the gobby Cocker Spaniel! They had got pretty hairy and to be honest in this climate it's not too good for them. They seem to attract every seed head for miles and they end up tangled in their coats and causing huge knots. So it's much easier and better all round for them (and us) to clip the hair off for the warmer months. They do look rather strange at first though and do still need a bit of tidying up work done with the smaller clippers.

This afternoon I'm hoping to get the weeding finished that I started this morning and either pick some more plums (of a different variety) for jam making or strim the garden so I can actually see the veggies properly! Having a smaller vegetable patch this year has cut my work done by loads but has also meant that I'm putting weight on as my body is used to doing more physical work! It's a no win situation but I'll just have to cut my calorie intake and try to be more active to see if that helps. Still not having an enclosed paddock means I can't ride safely, otherwise I'd probably be able to shift a little weight and also tone up while exercising Maya. Maybe I can talk hubby into putting a day aside and getting it done for me.

Well it's time I best be getting on with some work, hopefully the weather has turned a corner and will stay nice for the rest of the summer and autumn.

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