Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Chicken Mystery

Last night before I brought the horses and donkey in I had a couple of small jobs that needed doing so off into the stable yard I went. One of the stable doors keeps dropping off a hinge so before Maya came in I needed to secure it again......ok it's a 5 minute job and not exactly rocket science so I managed to re-hang the door and stepped back to take a look at it.

That's when I noticed one of our bantam hens was lying dead on the yard floor! She'd been doing the usual chicken things earlier in the day and hadn't looked ill so exactly how she'd died was a bit of a mystery. Why I'd not noticed it when I'd gone in the yard also puzzled signs of a struggle or the bird being attacked by anything, just a very dead but still warm chook.

The mystery deepened further when I asked kids and hubby if they'd seen anything odd, of course no one had. Then daughter piped up and said that Charlotte, the pig, had been out in the yard for a while at feeding time and had knocked the stable door over from where it had been propped up......Aha, bingo and along comes a brainwave, I'd solved the mystery and it was very simple really.

The reason I'd not seen the poor, deceased chicken was that it had been under the fallen stable door, the pig had knocked the door over and the hen had been in the way and unfortuately been hit on the head with the door and killed - The pig was the murderer! By accident of course lol  Mystery solved.

So we're one bantam hen less, and still have all those damn bantam cockerels that love to crow most of the night and day!

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