Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Today I've been out and about to do some much needed food shopping (again!) and into the large town for a few things too, most of which I managed to sort out but some I'll have to do on another trip.

It's nice to get out of the village (and my wellies) for a while and I even managed to put a little bit of makeup on and dress in smart clothes. The horses and donkey weren't too impressed as they stayed in for the morning while I was away from home but it hasn't harmed them at all. I did manage to give Maya a fright though, I'd stupidly left my wellies outside overnight and it had been raining - so rather than have cold, wet feet I put carrier bags on inside the boots....good idea I thought, horse just didn't agree!

Soon we'll be putting the winter boots and clothes away until November and I'm really looking forward to pottering about in sandals or flip flops again. I've already started to tan after the couple of sunny days we've had and the layers are being stripped away like the skin of an onion!

Which reminds me - must get some onion sets and garlic in the ground ASAP, plus sort out the peas and beans to go in. Today I bought a small lemon tree in the cash & carry, plus an equally small olive tree so they need to be re-potted tomorrow but kept in the house for a few weeks until all risk of frost has passed. I also bought a few more varieties of peppers and tomatoes to try out - will let you know how they get on later in the year.

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