Monday, 28 December 2009

Rodents 0 - Humans 1

For the last couple of days we've been hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet through the night, rodent feet to be precise and I'm sure they're wearing hob nailed boots! A few nights ago a rat ran across the upstairs hallway as I was sat on the computer and it was aware that I was there, so we've had the traps set again and caught nothing!

It seems that the little blighters are getting rather clever - they aren't afraid of us even when I'm armed, with a badminton racquet of all things! they are happy to go about their normal business. By the way I did hit the thing with the badminton racquet, 4 times, and it still managed to survive and get away!

So yesterday when we saw a rat on the pipework above the living room ceiling drastic action was needed. It quietly sat there with hubby swiped at it with a metal rod we use to clear the fire grate, he hit it a few times and the rat  moved just out of sight. At that point I'm beginning to think the thing is invincible! Then out comes the artillery - other half gets his air rifle and sets it just below the point where we think the rat is in the ceiling cavity, a minute or so later and a small furry head, nose and whiskers appear in the right place and "Boom" it's life is cut rather short. One down, probably many more to go, but at least last night was quiet, roll on spring when they'll move back out into the barns and leave us humans alone!

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