Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Tidying Up

We've spent today tidying up, the kids have cleared a load of stuff from the garden, David's been working on the roof again and I've done a much needed weed and sort out of my winter veggie plot.

The weather has been nice over the last few days so we've been outside a lot working and getting some of the jobs done that were put off because of poor weather. The roof is really starting to look great and I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. The garden is so green now and my winter veggie plot is doing very well.

I've planted garlic, red cabbage, sprouts, lettuce and black radish which is like a spicy turnip, peppery and great in casseroles etc. We'd never tried black radish until moving here and like it, although I do sometimes yearn for a proper swede or turnip. The black radish seeds that I sowed last month are doing very well but did need thinned out, so today after weeding my small patch I decided to get stuck in, thin out and re-plant some of the seedlings, now my small patch has grown by a third as I couldn't bear to throw any of the seedlings away and had to plant them all! If we don't/can't eat them all I'm sure the horses and donkey will.

Our small chickens are doing ok in the barn now as it's not too cold, the horses and donkey are looking very woolly with their winter coats now fully through and the turkeys and large chickens are enjoying the freedom of the garden during the day. The kids seem to be enjoying their extra week off school although I think they're a little bored at times. It's nice having them around a bit more during the day but I'll also be happy when they go back to school and my normal routine can resume!

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