Wednesday, 12 December 2012

It's December Already!

This year has gone by so fast and I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing!
Almost mid December now and we have snow, looking out of the window the sunshine looks warm, but it's bitterly cold with a awful wind so the woodburner is on and my socks are dry Alan!

I still can't get over the fact that 1 week we can have 20 degrees C and then the next it's -7 degC. All gardening has finished for the year and the last of the volunteers will be heading on his way at the weekend probably. We've had such a fantastic bunch of people here this year, over 40 in all, and the work they have done is amazing. We've laughed, celebrated birthdays, ridden ponies, shoveled muck, pulled weeds and had some great times.

Today is 12.12.12 and the last of those kind of numbers we'll see. Oh and who can forget the mention that the world will end on 21.12.12 according to the Mayan calendar? Well to me they are just days, and no different from any other day here in rural Bulgaria. there are still animals to feed, water and clean out and I still have to make the evening meal. Plus keep the fire going and make an attempt at keeping the house clean.

Keeping the house clean in winter is pretty hard with all the dogs and cats going in and out, snow and mud on boots and the dust that just never seems to stop. But I can ignore all that for a while and do some writing work or watch a movie. And we do have our fast internet now so that makes blog posting easier (but doesn't mean I spend less time in front of the computer!).

Here's hoping that where ever you are, you are warm, happy and content with your life.

Ciao for now :)


  1. Hello Suzy, as you can probably tell from FB, we are here now, so I know exactly what you are talking about - yes sitting out in vest tops Friday fore last, now snow -8 here, with a real feel of -16. The dust, yes, getting rid of all that awful mud plaster and mud floors upstairs, yuk!
    Jak x

  2. . . did I really comment on your socks? We don't get snow down here, but the mountains to the North and East are well covered. This is our rainy season with six feet falling over five months - we understand what mud is, and a warm fire with socks steaming! Have a good festive time if you do that sort of thing!

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