Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Volunteer Season is Here

What a lovely month this is turning out to be - in fact, the last 4 weeks have been fabulous. The garden is coming along nicely, animals all happy and shedding their winter coats and we have volunteers staying with us again.

All's good in my little world. We're enjoying life again and winter is definitely behind us. There have been some lovely nights in and out with friends, my birthday, beautiful sunshine, temperatures rising and everything is green and healthy looking.

Hubby surprised me and bought a new camera for my birthday, plus tiled the kitchen walls. Once I get a new memory card I'll be out and about taking snapshots of my daily life for you all to see.

Keep posting the comments folks, I really do enjoy reading them and wanted to say thank you to anyone who reads this blog for sticking with it.

Back soon with an update on what's growing well and any other news from my corner of rural Bulgaria.


  1. Blogging? Camera? You'll need all the volunteers you can get to get anything done.

  2. Belated birthday wishes, shall look forward to seeing more piccies with you new camera (not to mention the newly tiled walls, lol!). Pretty envious of you weather, 2 weeks of solid rain here and we have a hosepipe ban. House sold (within 24 hours, yay), busy packing, so hope to be on our way as soon as the oh-so-slow house selling procedure is finalised. So hopefully we shall be in Bulgaria ready for the summer and some serious house hunting. Our friends (who we stayed with last summer) in Oborishte are letting us have their house until we find somewhere.
    Jak x

  3. Please tell me How, why, and for what reasons other then the low prices and great amount of properties available has nearly all the people relocating from the UK to VT BG is it because you want to be clode to your fellow english speaking country men ?? I have looked extensively at BG properties and the best deals seem to be in the VT area. I would like to hear from anyone living in this area to respond to me I have been to Sofia BG and I am thinking of relocating to BG. Any info or help understanding why everyone from the UK has chosen this area thanks michael

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  5. Are you finding that getting volunteers these days is more difficult than before? I ask this after hearing so much about the amount of Brits in Bulgaria becoming fewer.
    Great blog, any updates planned?
    I found this interesting

  6. Great blog, any updates planned?

  7. Great blog, any updates planned?